No one who cooks, cooks alone. Even at her most solitary, a cook in the kitchen is surrounded by generations of cooks past, the advice and menus of cooks present, the wisdom of cookbook writers.”

-Laurie Colwin

The kitchen is a gateway to the past. A place where the old and new commingle. A place where memories are made and traditions are born and carried on.

When you make your Granma’s casserole you bring a slice of her life and lifetime into the present. When you open an old cookbook and create something almost forgotten, you bridge the past and the present. Sometimes it is glorious and you can’t believe it was almost forgotten. Sometimes it is an anecdote about burnt cabbage roulade. Either way, it was an adventure to someplace you (and perhaps your palate) haven’t been.

Kitchen Curio is a place to enjoy and share nostalgia and connection through food.

We invite you to join us on this adventure to the past. Get inspired. Try something new. Maybe find a recipe you thought was lost.

Kitchen Curio’s mission is simple: share the past and inspire the new.”

About Us

You won’t see Kitchen Curio’s founder and creator around the site much as she is a firm believer that the Curio should stay focused on being a resource and not get (too) distracted by the personalities and faces of those creating it.

In that vein, the content we publish here is focused. If you found us while looking for a recipe, then that’s what you get. We know you are not here to scroll through anecdotes about fussy husbands, The Kids, the weather, our new gym shoes, late plumbers, pictures of our Birthday party, camping, replacing our washing machine, details of the aftermath of bad sushi, how great coffee is (it is the greatest!), if peeling potatoes is worse than doing laundry, updates on our bathroom remodel, that funny noise my car started making last week, our upcoming vacation, how Monday’s are THE WORST, what kimchi smells like, how obsessed we are with this new whisk, our super adorable pet co-workers are (though they are the best), and three paragraphs about how yummy something is just to get to the recipe.

Maybe we are just old-fashioned, oh wait…yes, in fact, that’s kind of our thing! 🙂


Comments are open on many of our recipes. We encourage you to share your stories and insights. However, we ask you to do so in the spirit of the site and be respectful to each other and the past.

This is not a site dedicated to mocking the past. Sure, some of the recipes here were (very) hard to eat, and yes, we enjoy a good what-the-heck-would-that-taste-like-recipe as much as any vintage recipe aficionado. The past is a foreign land. It deserves more than your judgment. Give it chance. As we like to say: Don’t mock the Banana Meatloaf until you try it!

All comments on this site are held for moderation before being made visible to others. We reserve the right to reject and delete any comments assessed to be unhelpful, abusive, blatant solicitation (self-promotion included), or other behavior deemed to be in violation of the site’s Terms & Conditions of Use.

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